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I wanted to put out it how truly annoying the party room is
« : Март 27, 2021, 12:32:47 pm »

If announcements OSRS GP must be retained, at least restrict them to really high drops such as 5m+ at least. Drops under 1m or 500k shouldn't even be declared. You're deluding yourselves if you think that a RWT will sit there dropping for hours a tiny amt of cash into the drop box, and then that someone will stand there for hours waiting for this fall.

Comments/supporters are valued, I am not likely to look at a lot, but I wanted to put out it how truly annoying the party room is.I got 99 farm the other day, and wanted to do a 10m fall, but I'd probably get kicked out of my drop. On all docks, there'll be a guy called Greenbeard. If you've got 60 construction, you should start building your vessel...

Castle wars, a sport we all enjoy and never get bored playingwith. Except for one thing - it is old. Below are some updates I believe would make it even more balanced and fun. Graphics: While the aesthetics are practicly ideal they're obsolete, with the current Varrock and not so recent Falador the crumbling brickwork doesn't live up overly modern day standards. It doesnt even need explaining, change it also match Varrock and possibly add some"war damage".

The Catapult: An effective tool? Yes? Think again! It's slow, unbelievably difficult to fire and if you're assaulted while aiming all your hard work is for nothing. My proposal? Create a new catapult, on a swivel which you climb into. The participant in the catapult is vunerable also variety, mage and halbard attacks from the floor. It may be loaded in the back with up overly 20 stones at one buy School RuneScape Gold moment, when they are in there's not any need to re-load till they are spent but you can add more before it's empty.